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Physics Careers with BSc Physics

  1. Feb 25, 2005 #1
    Hello there, i am a third year undergrad physics student in ireland
    i have to give a talk on careers with a basic physics degree.
    id like to hear from people that have gone straight into work after
    getting their degree in physics. does anyone know what areas
    people go into? is it mostly industry?


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    well the talk went excellently :-D

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    Well, now you mention it, a guy I went to school with graduated from Oxford with a BA in Physics (yeah, BA, I know...!) and he went into working in the city developing hedging models for some investment banking company!

    What did you end up talking about?
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    I know the best answer to this: The career you may get into with BSc in Physics is:

    Graduate Student

    On a serious note - depending on which courses you took, you can get into 'engineering', financial analysis, High School teacher (need further training and certificates), lab technician, business entrepreneur. You should mention how physicists are good at finding solutions, optimizations, etc - this is an important skill in real world
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  6. Mar 5, 2011 #5
    so if i ve finished my bachelor ddegree in pure physics i can contiune my studies in becoming an engineer ???????????
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    Did you take any courses that taught you how to do anything worthwhile? Worthwhile in this sense meaning skills you can use at a job such as programming, electronics, etc.
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    well i have to elaborate i am from lebanon and i tend to coniune my studies in australlia and i cant decide whether to contiune with pure physics or electronics as my major what do you think
  9. Mar 6, 2011 #8
    You've probably heard the usual options many times by now: finance, teaching, engineering, research, IT etc, and it's all true.
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