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Carleton or Windsor?

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I have received offers of admission from both Carleton U and U of Windsor. BSc Co-op Physics in Carleton and BSc Chemistry and Physics in Windsor (not co-op). Windsor is offering a more generous scholarship than Carleton is, but i have heard of Carleton to be the better university. The choice is crucial and i'm looking for some instructive advices.

The catches here are:
  • I'm from Bangladesh and from a family that cant afford huge tuition fees in canada. I'm much more inclined personally to go to carleton but an entrance scholarship of just $4000 doesnt help much with the whole tuition fees. So i was hoping may be the co-op terms from 2nd year will help?
  • Physics is my dream but i'm not as good at math as i should be for it. Math being the language of physics, windsor sounds much more practical since it is not solely on physics but has 16 courses of chemistry and 12 courses of physics in it. But i mean it when i say i want to study physics. I do. I am planning to work hard to improve my math too.

Keeping fairly everything in mind-- ranging from the capital advantage to the fact that a smaller university may be better for getting individual care from faculties and easier to cope up in-- i'm still in confusion as to which would be better for me. The offer from Carleton expires in 4 days. So I need to decide quick. I'm almost on the verge of clicking yes on Carleton, but i was hoping to get some valuable opinions first.
I have heard Carleton has a strong physics program, despite the University as a whole having the (perhaps undeserved) title of "Last Chance Carleton U".

Either way, I doubt the difference between the two universities will effect you negatively I think either would offer you good opportunities if you do well.

So if money is an issue, maybe Windsor is the way to go.


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I don't know much about Windsor. The few physics people I've interacted with from Carleton would be great teachers, are approachable, and are very-well respected in their field.

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