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Carlo gesualdo

  1. Oct 23, 2005 #1
    has anyone else heard gesualdo's stuff? i'm listening to the hilliard ensemble's recording of his tenebrae (means darkness in latin), & it's some of the most depressing music i've ever heard. some of it anyway. check it out if you're a metalhead & you like dark stuff, or if you're into early vo-kill music. (gesualdo lived 1560-1613) amazon has samples. i've also got a cd of his madrigals & i haven't listened to that thoroghly enough to have an opinion but i'll give that a good listen sometime. according to an amazon review: "Compared to the angelic purity of Palestrina, Gesualdo occupies a phantasmogorical world of chromatic wildness and bizarre musical sidesteps from a composer who was - literally- a murderer"
    cool eh? :smile:
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