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Carrara 3D Basics

  1. Jun 3, 2004 #1
    Have any of you used Carrara 3D Basics? I'm thinking about getting, it's suppose to be an easy to use, very well priced 3D design software that isn't short on features.

    That's the description though. I've read one review that was positive, have you used it?
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    I haven't used it before, but I did a google search to see what the interface looks like. Personally, it lacks features, but if your just going to basic stuff that should be fine. I've always liked to use Maya and 3d Studio Max. The reason I like them more is that they have scripting ability and have a more advanced interface.

    If your looking for something thats legally free you can try pov-ray:


    Here are the frontends. Pick the one you like:

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    I'm looking for something simple. I've tried Blender, and that was a pretty tough looking interface.

    Anim8tor works, but it's Windows only.

    I've taken a look at Pov-Ray...pretty cool.
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    Blender is just a mess. I don't know how anyone can figure out the interface.
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    I've heard that after you learn to interface, you'll find out that it's great and realize why every button is in the place that it is.

    I've only heard great things about the interface (despite the learning curve).

    And it works well on my Mac...

    But I was looking for something simpler.
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