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Carrier wave

  1. Aug 22, 2015 #1
    If a conductor carrying current has magnetic flux around it,why not a carrier wave that carries current in case of wireless power transfer has a magnetic flux around it?
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    A carrier wave in free space or air does not carry current.
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    you statement suggests that you don't really know the meaning of the term Carrier Wave

    A carrier wave is usually used in the context of an electromagnetic wave ( radio or light) that is unmodulated

    When I push the transmit button on my transceiver radio in my ham radio shack it puts out a carrier wave on the frequency that I choose
    when I start to talk, then that carrier wave is modulated and my audio is "carried" on that signal to any receivers listening on that frequency

    There are many different types of modulation system that are used for audio systems, video or data and also depends on if it is an analog or digital system. These hilited types will take you to wiki descriptions of them

    Analog modulation
    Digital modulation
    Spread spectrum
    See also

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    Thanks for your reply friends!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1.What does an electromagnetic wave actually composed of?
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    Power can usually of three types right?.....
    *Real Power(P)
    *Reactive power(Q)
    *Apparent power(S)
    The real power is the one which is the actual power that is in usage.
    The reactive power is the one that is not actually used i.e. a type of waste.
    The apparent power is the total power that is generated.
    If this is so,why can't the reactive power be recycled to get real power?
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    Let me answer that after you answer the following question:
    What do you think a wave in water is composed of?
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    @GhostLoveScore please DONT attempt to answer questions where an OP has been specifically asked a question

    we are trying to get the OP to do a little thinking and learning .... NOT have some one hand him the answer on a plate !!

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