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  1. Apr 18, 2004 #1
    What kind of cars do you prefer?

    Ones that are European, Asian, or American?

    SUVs, Sedans, Sports cars or Vans?
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  3. Apr 18, 2004 #2
    Depends upon how much money you have to purchase it with, 'safe' is preferable to me....and that does NOT induce me to drive like a 'safe(r) nutcase' from lots of experience, and God's grace that spared me some of that/those experience(s)....

  4. Apr 18, 2004 #3
    I like the car that I own. Because it's the only one I can actually use.

  5. Apr 18, 2004 #4
    I own an SUV, I'll pick an SUV over a car anyday.
  6. Apr 18, 2004 #5
    Hope you like burning money. =]

  7. Apr 18, 2004 #6
    It's worth every penny ;)
  8. Apr 18, 2004 #7
    How about them prototype hydrogen-powered cars? 0 to 60 in 14 seconds :smile:

    It probably wont be nearly as powerful as modern cars that get from 0 to 60 in 3-4 seconds, but at least it wont be guzzling up gas.
  9. Apr 18, 2004 #8
    What kind?

    My favourite car company is Jeep :)
  10. Apr 18, 2004 #9


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    I have always prefered European and Japanese over American.
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    i prefer and drive german cars...i am on my 3rd VW Golf (this time with a turbo engine :) )
  12. Apr 18, 2004 #11
    Toyota 4 Runner
  13. Apr 18, 2004 #12


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    I bought my daughter a 4 Runner. Now I want it, but she won't let me drive it. :frown:
  14. Apr 19, 2004 #13
    people honestly you are all missing out: the only vehicle for me is a motor bike, once you ride one u will never look at a car the same, i cant use words to describe the finer points of a bike you have to ride one to find out
  15. Apr 19, 2004 #14
    I had a VW Jetta, diesel, best fuel milage I have ever seen ~1000 klic's per tank, got from Montreal to Vancouver (Canada) for ~$250.00 in fuel cost.....nice handling too....
  16. Apr 19, 2004 #15
    In heavy traffic, I drive my Ram with the jungle bars. "If you can't Dodge it, Ram it." Light traffic, the Element, aka "The Toaster." Sadly, no place to put a gun rack on the Element.
  17. Apr 19, 2004 #16
    A read a report for Greener Cars that claimed the Jetta Diesel's are still more polluted than petro...

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