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Cart and Ramp

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    This is the most horrible question I've ever had to do. It should be simple, but it's not!!

    A cart moving at 8 m/s on a flat surface goes up a frictionless ramp tilted 10 degrees from the horizontal. How far up the ramp should the cart go?

    It's not worded like that exactly, but the question is the same. Any ideas on how to solve this one? :confused:
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    use energy?
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    But what do I have to do to find out how far up the ramp it will go? I don't know what equation to use. I tried and tried but can't figure it out.
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    State the equations for Kinetic energy and gravitional potential energy.
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    I know about the potential energy and kinetic energy, but if I only have the speed and angle of the ramp, how am I supposed to work it out?
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    what are the equations? write them out. it may help
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