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Homework Help: Cartesian coordinates and torque

  1. Mar 6, 2005 #1
    This section I dont understand at all... but the problem is What is the torque tau_B due to force F_vec about the point B? (B is the point at Cartesian coordinates (0, b), located a distance b from the origin along the y axis.)
    Express the torque about point B in terms of F, theta, phi, pi, and/or other given coordinate data. an image can be found at

    I put in F*b*sin(pi-(theta)) it noted that I was wrong... I dont understand? and thats just hte beginning of my problems in this section :cry:
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    The torque "due to force F around point B" is the product the distance from B to the point at which F is applied and the component of F perpendicular to the line from B to the point where F is applied.
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    so b*F*tan(pi-(theta)) ? I still dont understand I know if I do sin(pi-(theta)) Its opp over hyp so it would be parallel to b but Im not sure what trig woudl get it to go perp then
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