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Cascade of LTI

  1. Sep 8, 2011 #1
    am having an understanding problem, about an exercice on LTI systems with unit sample response.
    i've been given the graphical depicted output y[n], and the following output x[n]= u[n]-u[n-2]
    the system is as follow
    x[n]----> h1[n]----->h2[n]------>y[n]
    with h2[n]= s[n] - s[n-1];
    and i am suppose to find h1 ,
    i used the the associativity of the convolution to have another form of the problem but
    what i dont understand is the information given by the equation h2 [n]
    how am i suppos to use it.
    the i will make the aatempt to a solution and post it.
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