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Cascaded Amplifier Design

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    Hey, I need to design an amplifier using either BJTs or MOSFETS (or both) that meets the following requirements:
    Overall voltage gain: 800

    Input impedance : 200Kohms

    Output impedance: 200 ohms

    Frequency band width: 10MHZ

    Can anyone help me with what kind of arrangement of amps can possibly achieve those requirements?

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    Welcome to PF, AC23. This is a great place. Keep in mind that homework problems should be posted in the homework forums, and you need to show some of your own work in order to get us to help. We don't do your homework for you.

    That having been said, what is your background? Is this for a 1st or 2nd year intro EE class? What have you learned so far in this class that you can use for this project? Would you think that a BJT or a MOSFET would be a better choice for the 200kOhm input impedance requirement?
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