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Casey high school kid RIP

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    Ivan Seeking

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    While working to start my business I also worked for the school district as a private tutor. I got kids of all ages who could not attend school for medical [or other] reasons, or who weren't allowed to attend due to behavioral problems. Although most of my kids were in high school, my youngest was in the 6th grade - a boy named Casey.

    Casey was a real problem kid. He had a good mother but a rotten home life and a history of flakey, temporary fathers. But when it comes to kids I'm considered to be very cool. We formed a bond and became good friends. I went way out of my way to provide science demos [high voltage and many other cool things] to try to spark [pun] and interest in science and learning, and I think we made real progress. We met one on one, three times a week for several hours each visit, and this continued for quite some time until the school year ended. He passed with Bs and Cs.

    The reason I am mentioning this is that I just saw his school work. It was all tucked away in a box behind some work stuff and I had nearly forgotten all about it. I was supposed to keep everything for some number of years. Anyway, Casey was killed last year [maybe the year before?] with three other HS seniors in a drunk driving accident. :frown:
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    It's obvious from this and other posts that you are a very caring individual. It's too bad that something like this should happen at all, but I know it is especially difficult when you know one or more of the persons involved. Sorry to hear about your loss. My hope is that others might read your post and think to drive more responsibly.
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