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Cash for kids

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    A 61 year old judge in Pennsylvania was sentenced to prison for taking kickbacks from a "for profit" jail facility. He was one of two judges convicted for giving jail time to mostly young offenders found guilty of relatively minor offenses for the purpose, at least in part, of earning his illegal remuneration. One of his victims committed suicide. I have to say, the stench of judicial corruption rises to new levels with these cases IMO. What's your view? Does anyone know of anything like this?

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    Nothing surprises me anymore. I can't understand why there isn't more oversight. These judges should be made to pay that money to the victims and their families.
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    Prisions controlled by privates? Prisons should be public.
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    I agree. However, in the US many states have allowed private groups to build prisons or detention facilities without state funding in order to save construction expenses. The states pay on a per inmate basis. It's arguable whether the states save money over the long term, but in the short term, the state avoids the costs of building and running new prisons. The theory is that private enterprise is more efficient. However, in this case, the two judges were actually involved in the launching of this private venture. They had an interest in seeing that it was "successful".
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    PBS had a documentary about private prisons and their they of doing business.
    http://www.pbs.org/now/shows/419/video.html" [Broken]

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    I must have been tired. Of course I meant "criminal justice system" (système judiciaire criminel). I've only been speaking English for over a half century. Maybe I'll get it right someday.
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    The judge and his co-conspirators should also pay all of the costs involved for the 5,000 cases that were vacated.
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    If I remember correctly, there was a Law and Order episode like this. I don't remember if it was the original Law and Order or one of the spinoffs, though.
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