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Casimir effect

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    I thought this the right place to post this, from the little i can understand
    it seems interesting.


    Casimir Effect confronts Cosmological Constant
    Authors: Gaurang Mahajan, Sudipta Sarkar, T. Padmanabhan
    Comments: revtex4; four pages; 5 figs

    It has been speculated that the zero-point energy of the vacuum, regularized due to the existence of a suitable ultraviolet cut-off scale, could be the source of the non-vanishing cosmological constant that is driving the present acceleration of the universe. We show that the presence of such a cut-off can significantly alter the results for the Casimir force between parallel conducting plates and even lead to repulsive Casimir force when the plate separation is smaller than the cut-off scale length. Using the current experimental data we rule out the possibility that the observed cosmological constant arises from the zero-point energy which is made finite by a suitable cut-off. Any such cut-off which is consistent with the observed Casimir effect will lead to an energy density which is about 10^{12} times larger than the observed one, if gravity couples to these modes. The implications are discussed.
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