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Calculators Casio fx-9750G calculator

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    Hi all
    Does anyone have experience with a casio fx-9750 calculator? I'm trying to figure out how to convert rectangular to polar coordinates and visa versa. I have a casio fx-115 which does complex operations easily in both coordinate systems, but with the casio fx-9750 I can only figure out how to use rectangular coordinates in complex mode. My fx-115 will easily resolve an expression like: (9+5i) + (5[tex]\angle[/tex]45)
    Does anyone know how I can do that with my Casio fx-9750?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Enter the rectangular value, switch to polar, add the polar expression. At least that's as far as I got with it before deciding I didn't like it and went back to the 115ms.

    Option - F3 (complex), Option - F6 (next), F5 (angle)

    I don't know why they some operations require so many more keystrokes on graphing calcs compared to other models. The TI-36X is another example that is simpler than the graphic TI-89 for operations like base conversion and logic.
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