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    Hi there,
    What are the main differences between two lattice codes CASMO and HEIOS which both are developed by Studsvik?
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    CASMO was developed by Studsvik and HELIOS was developed by Scandpower when they were separate companies. The were the two independents outside of the vendors, but the market couldn't support both companies, so the merged - IIRC, sometime in the 90's.

    I understand that HELIOS can accommodate hexagonal geometry, but I'm not sure that CASMO can.

    They both do pretty much the same function - generate cross-sections from ENDF data and collapsing them into a more manageable for core simulators like SIMULATE.
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    Thanks Astronuc
    In fact I wanted to know if CASMO can accommodate hexagonal geometry or not.
    because I intend to use a proper code for cell calculation of VVER fuel assembly.
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