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News Castro spies on celebrities - Cuban Defector

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    Very interesting read. If it is true and it seems so, then it is very helpful in explaining how the Hollywood lefties can be blind to atrocities by Castro and people like him.

    What do you think?
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    Maybe the celebrities visiting Cuba should wear the screen helmet on there trip.
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    Why do you think it's impossible for an inhuman dictator to spy on people particularly famous ones? It's infact the most natural thing in the world.
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    It doesn't surpryse me.... with all the CIA agents Celebritys you have to watch out.
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    It is obviously a plug. The guy that wrote the article is selling a book on the subject. He is trying to stir up interest to make sales. It's bunk. It compares Castro to Hitler and Stalin and I smelled O'Reilly in there somewhere. Total fiction.
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    Inhuman as in alien? You mean Castro is really an alien and he's spying on us :surprised Hey! perhaps you're right!! I'm ordering one of those helmets straight away. :wink:
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    People that have met and gush about Castro as a person are probably telling the truth. My ex-girlfriends father met Castro once and told me he was incredibly well-spoken, courteous, and intelligent. He loved baseball and had a great knowledge of it and they talked about their favorite players for hours. He's apparently a pretty endearing guy one-on-one. That's the thing about tyrant dictators. They're often incredibly charistmatic people that you can't help but like when you get to know them.
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