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Cat 5 STP Shield Wire

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    What is the correct way to connect the bare shield wire of cat 5 STP to a shielded RJ45 plug?

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    Depends which of the two main wiring standards you are going to use. 568A is the Australian way and 568B is more so north american, but you get mixed results depending on the source. No standard is superior to another and either will work fine. With that said, you can find a diagram of how to wire either method here:


    Personally I prefer to use 568B out of habit.
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    Thank you for the reply triden but I did not see anything on that site about the bare shield wire and the connection to shielded plugs....?
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    Sorry about that. As far as I know the shield doesn't make any real connection to the rj45 end. You will be fine as long as the sheild is up into the end of the plug when you crimp it to protect it from as much EMI as possible. I would double check but this is how I do it.
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