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Cat and Toast

  1. Jul 22, 2006 #1
    As we have all been told cats have nine lives and ALWAYS land on there feet just the same as toast 9 times out of 10 lands butter side down.

    Using this theroy what would happen if i was to strap a few pieces of buttered toast buttered side up on to the back of my physics teachers cat, Tigger? would it hover when i dropped it from say a 50ft building? and would the fact that Tigger has only three legs make any difference!?!?!?

    :rofl: :confused: :rofl:

    Please help me i have wondered this for a while!!

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    The experiment is being set up, as per a previous thread. Can't remember which one.
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    hey, would you be able to find out which thread for me? im new to this physics forums!!

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    The dirac cat would certainly fall down, feet first. However, an anti-cat would fall up, toast first, and so nothing is observable.
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    In theory, the person attempting to strap buttered toast to the back of a cat would have one eye land lens first on the floor and the second eye hit lens first into the ceiling.
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    In theory? That sounds more like what would happen in practice if one were to attempt to test the theory. :rofl:
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    In practise, no one's been able to complete the experiment and record the results. Yeah, it's worse than the "what does cyanide taste like?" experiment.
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    thanks guys been waiting for replys for ages!!
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    Smells and tastes of almonds very mildly, I thought everyone knew that? That's why chemists waft things over their nose, explicitly to forgo the need to taste their experiments, or so I was told, I'm sure making moonshine with the water distilling still was an exception though:smile:

    Basically get a load of Scientists to smell the liquid/vapour untill someone identifies its odour. Tasting should be reserved only for those who like dicing with death.


    Appearance and odor

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    Don't know about the taste, but the reason "cyanide smells like almonds" is that in fact, almonds smell of cyanide (possessing small amounts of it).

    Similar backwards applied attributes are frequently used with chemicals like hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), esters (fruity odor), acetic acid (vinegary smell/taste), etc.

    These references always remind of the 'frailty' lines from Hamlet and Twelfth Night.

    [Hamlet]Hamlet:Frailty, thy name is woman.

    <structurally similar to what I call a backwards attribute>

    [Twelfth Night]Viola: Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we!
    For such as we are made of, such we be.

    <beautiful, ain't it?>
  13. Aug 14, 2006 #12
    Someone taste some cyanide, so we can know for sure :wink:

    Thanks for the info. I figure that almonds contained cyanide, composing the thread, I wonder how many you'd have to eat to kill yourself?

    Ah subjects for my next and final experiment :biggrin:

    Shakespeare is always beautiful, I expect we talked backwards back then as a hang up from the origins of our language, the French language for example is repleat with backwards talk. Should be three blue colours surely.:smile:
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