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Cat mom

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    Do cats daughters get along with their mothers okay? I have one cat who I adopted and now somebody else wants to give me another cat, that happens to be my cat's mother.

    My cat is really friendly to me and I am afraid she might bond with her mom and then start ignoring me. I hope that doesn't happen.
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    It, of course, depends on the cat, and the breed (And the sanity level). I have eleven cats, but only one mother-child grown relationship. They get along fairly well as long as they're not forced to. It depends really on the temperment of the cats in question and such.

    And of course she wont ignore you. She'll have a feline friend; she still needs her owner! :)
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    Math Is Hard

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    My mom cat and daughter cat were very close - until I got the daughter fixed. She came home from the vet smelling different and mama cat didn't recognize her anymore. She never wanted anything to do with her after that.
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    Cat was unhappy she wouldn't get any grandkittens! :bugeye:
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    Math Is Hard

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    It's probably a good thing she didn't get grandkitties. I think she wanted to be the only cat in the world. I used to call her Joan Crawford because she was so nasty toward her daughter.
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