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Cat walk models

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    Do you find these creatures attractive? i think they have been made into a parody of what the chick/arty people think is cool. And the way they walk what the, who thought that up?

    And the clothes??? a lot of them make the wearer look a real plonker.

    Yes i watched a fashion show on tv and have been left bewildered.
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    It's evolution - like peacocks tails.
    Each generation (season) suceeds if it is more attractive than the previous one, but it only has to be atractive to other cat walk designers, so they just gets thinner, sillier, more extreme each year.
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    I have a friend who was a model and she eats more than me and could not gain weight if she wanted to. She is one of the most hyper people I know and works a huge farm all by herself, but has never been able to gain weight. She loved the extreme make up, the crazy outfits and even the walk. I guess if you get into it could be fun. I do not have the body or personality to be a model. Im lucky if my clothes match when I leave the house, but to each his own.
    Ive noticed that run way models have really manly facial structure and their bodies seem too long to be real. Theres a theory that these woman have that strange genetic disorder where they have an extra x chromosome due to improper separation during meiosis as it can cause that look in women.
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    :rofl: that just made me laugh

    I just think they look like toothpicks, and that they wear outfits that usually never get actually
    purchased by the average consumer. Thus, a waste of time/money.
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