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Catapult Ideas

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    Im not sure if this is the right section to post this but if it isnt, feel free to move it! :)
    My physics class is going to south dakota state university's physics and engineering expo and we all have to enter in at least one of the competitions, my friend and I have entered in a competition called The Scrambler, which consists of:

    firing an egg 25 ft. to hit a target that is a foot off the ground.
    some of the requirements are:

    that the system must launch on its own after the egg has been positioned and remote controlled devices cannot be used.

    the device must also be able to be placed in a 50 cm. cube.

    Any suggestions? we have a few ideas that consist of a type of catapult that we could wind up like you would with one of those toy cars where you roll it back and when you let it go, it moves really fast. We also were looking up trebuchets but we aren't sure how good that would work. The competition is on april 23 but we would like to start our planning now. Please, any suggestions would be much appreciated!! :smile:
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