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Catapult Project

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    Would rotating the throwing arm (2cm by 4cm) to its side reduce air resistance due to the smaller surface area? (Imagine a palm vs karate chop scenario).
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    Simon Bridge

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    Yes - is air resistance a significant factor in your design?
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    Not really for the projectile since it's a standard golf ball but whatever optimizes the speed of the arm is a bonus. However the tighter my springs are the more often they pop off the circle screws and the tightness also dent my pivot arm (thin metal pole).
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    May I ask what you're goal for this project is? Are you going for distance? For consistency? Something else?
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    Distance gets me a higher mark but if it breaks I won't get a mark at all lol.
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    Projectile Analysis:
    Distance = 40m
    Angle = 45 degrees
    Velocity = 19.8m/s
    Can I use the projectile velocity to calculate centripetal acceleration?

    Other Given:
    Radius/length of arm: 40cm
    Pull back angle: 60 degrees
    Spring length: 15cm
    Mass of ball is 46g
    Time(ball): 2s
    What else can I calculate with this?
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