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Other Catch-Up in Mathematics

  1. May 25, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone,
    I took some physics course but i never could be that serious because I had some difficulties first and it kinda get snowballing then I failed/stopped. So, i want to catch-up/(revise??) undergraduate mathematics (physics). So, i have a summer to do that i think, i can catch-up Mathematics (Analysis, Linear Algebra, ODE, Complex Analysis,...) and try to look (If I had time ) at Physics (Mechanics, QM, Electrodynamics, ...). I want a study plan (books recommendation for that).
    That's the books i think i'll need at least according to some research on the forum:
    Friedberg: Linear Algebra
    Ross: Differential Equations
    Zill's : Differential Equations with Boundary Problems
    And some Feynman/Griffith books ?
    Hope you can help me :)
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    can you be more descriptive than just:
    What mathematics classes have you completed? You mention some advanced math that you want to catch up on.
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    4 semesters of Undergraduate Physics, we had Analysis, Linear Algebra, ODE, Integrals, Series and Complex Analysis.
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