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Catchy titles

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    I think due to enormus increase in publications , it is becoming diificult to find readers; so people are giving catchy titles to their papers. I am listing some of them below. I will keep putting more and more titles. I request you to help me in making this list long.

    Does Smoothing Matter?

    Elements, topology, and T-shirts

    All roads lead to Rome: Supersolvables and Supercosets

    For whom the disc tolls

    And Don't Forget The Black Holes

    How Much Mass do Supermassive Black Holes Eat in their Old Age?

    Message in the Sky

    We Have Evidence for New Physics in the Sky?

    Test of patch cosmology with WMAP

    Staging quantum cryptography with chocolate balls
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    Afterall, its necessary to catch the attention of readers.
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    "Quantifying the resource of sharing a reference frame", S.J. vanEnk

    Okay, not that funny, but that's because it's not the original title. The author comments read, "Comments: Updated title as PRA did not accept the word “refbit” in the title: PRA accepts neither neologisms (=”a meaningless word coined by a psychotic”, according to Webster), nor novophasms"

    Obviously a "never give in" attitude. :rofl:
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