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Category Theory

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    What does it mean to quotient a category by an object of the category?

    In particular, the problem in front of me specifies the category I ( a full subcategory of Top which is compact, contains coproducts, and the one point space), an object X of I, and asks me to do stuff with I/X.
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    This isn't a quotient, but a "slice category", a particular kind of "comma category".

    Given any category E and object A, the category E/A is defined by:
    . The objects of E/A are arrows of C of the form B --> A
    . The arrows of E/A are commutative triangles of C with a distinguished vertex A (This arrow "points" in the same direction as the edge opposite A)

    Or a more algebraic description
    . Objects are arrows f of E such that codom(f) = A
    . HomE/A(f,g) is the class of arrows h of E such that gh=f
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