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Aerospace Catia or Matlab&Simulink

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    I completed my engineering now I would like to become strong in either Catia V5 or MathWorks. First I would like to know how often the Matlab&Simulink is used in aviation industry. I would also like to learn Catia V5 so could anyone give me suggestions on which software I should concentrate such that it should helpful for my career as an aircraft engineer. Also, what CAD softwares are useful to build a good career in aviation industry?
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    When you go for interviews at aviation companies, they only ask about your experience with CAD and FEA programs. In my experience, I've only been asked about Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, and Strand7. This is over 15 interviews or so.
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    As far as CAD tools are concerned UGS NX and Catia V5 are most widely used in aerospace industry (Rolls Royce, Assystem, UTC). Matlab is widely used as a data manipulation tool and Simulink which is a toobox within Matlab is used for control and systems engineering.
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