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Catia this giant

  1. Jul 21, 2012 #1
    whats the rank of catia between other softwares
    such as solid works and solid edge and pro eng and inventor
    and if its possible tell me
    is catia the most effieicnt between them and is it enough for any mechanical engineer or its like other software has somethin missing ?
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    I think many or most will say Catia is the best. But will you need it and will it be the most efficient? Totally depends on what you do. Ar you designing cars or are you designing brackets?

    Solidworks is cheaper an more 'efficient' probably in that realm.

    And as far as Solidworks vs inventor vs Solid Edge.... they all do 95% the same thing so don't even worry about it. Just buy the one that makes sense to you.

    If you do something realy specialized and one of those programs has a special package to deal with that, then buy that program. Otherwise, don't stress it.

    Most mech engineers I know use Solidworks then Inventor then Pro E then Solid Edge in that order.

    I like to use inventor.
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