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Catylitic tube 4 steam thermolses

  1. Nov 5, 2008 #1
    Regarded oxygen seperation from superheated steam using a multiple reactor tube

    Superheated steam is passed through a black iron pipe set within a fire core heated to 1, 800'F. A carbon rod is inserted into the black pipe. A tap extends perpendicular to the black pipe where waste oil is dripped onto the carbon rod. Propane is used to heat the iron and the carbon rod to an orange heat. A secondary feed pipe for propane is also made into the iron pipe.

    Propane is added into the superheated steam steam into the iron pipe. As the mix passes over the red hot carbon rod, a type of gasification should occur where the oxygen is pulled out of the steam to bond with the carbon rod and also the carbon from the partial combustion of the propane. This should free the hydrogen to be mixed with the proane to develope a much hotter burn.

    If more carbon is needed to pull the oxygen out of the superheated steam, waste oil could be dripped onto the hot carbon rod. Fan air is injected around and outside of the iron pipe.

    I've been doing these Joe Pipe experiments since the summer of 2005 and have witnessed many things that are extreemly difficult to explain by conventional science. Much of my understanding comes by a knowing, but it still takes some research to understand how things work.

    The end result of these tests is to see if steam can be hydrogen can be seperated to be used as the dominent fuel. As the process is about 60 % endothermic, replacing the propane with hydrogen should bring the process to a 100 % endothermic reaction. The hotter fuel should directly increase the vortex velosity causing a collapsing of the flame into a plasma energy.

    My intuition on injecting superheated steam to be mixed with the propane tells me that a enhanced reaction will be seen.

    If the core temperatures can be made to exceed 1, 500' C, then it would be feasable and possable to use the superheated exhaust heat to for gasification. Tire could be stacked into a simple gasification drum where steam could be used to seperate out the methonal, and the carbon black while in the vapor form feed into a GEET reactor to be converted into a GEET Gas to be used to run a power plant.

    I value any feedback as steam thermoloses is all new to me. Expecting your replies, Joshua.
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