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Homework Help: Cauchy Problem

  1. Aug 26, 2010 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    getting gen sol of


    solve cauchy problem
    x=y=t, z=1/t

    3. The attempt at a solution

    i got gen sol F(C1,C2)=0 as

    C1=x/z, C2=y4-x2z2

    i inserted t for x and y and 1/t for z and ended up with


    I'm unsure what to do from here i tried to get equation in terms of z by inserting eqns for C1 and C2 but it becomes very messy
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    Try to learn to not let messy intimidate you. Just muscle through it if you have to but you don't have to in this case. Just leave it in it's implicit form:

    [tex]F(C1,C2)=F(x/y,y^4-x^2 z^2)=0[/tex]

    and often you won't be able to solve explicitly for z(x,y) anyway.

    Here's a back-substitution check of [itex]C1+C2^2=0[/itex] in Mathematica. Note how [itex]y^3 z[/itex] is obtained after evaluating the left side as expected.

    try and follow it and change the expression for F(C1,C2) if you wish:

    Code (Text):
    c1 = x/z[x, y];
    c2 = y^4 - x^2*z[x, y]^2;
    myexp = c1 + c2^2 == 0;
    myzx = First[D[z[x, y], x] /.
        Solve[D[myexp, x], D[z[x, y], x]]]
    myzy = First[D[z[x, y], y] /.
        Solve[D[myexp, y], D[z[x, y], y]]]
    Simplify[x*y^3*myzx + x^2*z[x, y]^2*myzy]

    -((z[x, y]*(1 - 4*x*y^4*z[x, y]^3 +
         4*x^3*z[x, y]^5))/
       (x*(-1 - 4*x*y^4*z[x, y]^3 +
         4*x^3*z[x, y]^5)))

    -((8*y^3*z[x, y]^2*(y^4 - x^2*z[x, y]^2))/
       (x*(-1 - 4*x*y^4*z[x, y]^3 +
         4*x^3*z[x, y]^5)))

    y^3*z[x, y]

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