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Causal Triangulations coaching-in case anyone wants, or can help with, explanation

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    Causal Triangulations coaching---in case anyone wants, or can help with, explanation

    This thread has a tight focus. Goerlich's slides

    http://echo.maths.nottingham.ac.uk/qg/wiki/images/1/1e/GoerlichAndrzej1214824381.pdf [Broken]

    The slides cover the essentials of CDT in a brief dry way. They assume you already know the motivation and understand the goal of formulating a quantum dynamical continuum---quantizing General Relativity.

    By leaving out the motivation, Goerlich gets to be very no-frills concise.
    I think his slide-set is as complete as you can be in just 49 slides.

    If anyone has been reading through the slides and wants to discuss some part of them, we could do that. If anyone wants some place in the sequence explained, we could try.

    Why focus on these slides? Well in general if you want to understand CDT, the most basic place to start is the Loll SciAm article, July 2008. I have the link to it in my signature. And then there is the Quantum Gravity on Your Desktop article http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.0273 which is very good too. QGoYD is clear and highly accessible. But it doesn't give humdrum proceedural details. Like how is the Monte Carlo run actually constructed and what are the Alexander moves used to shuffle the simplexes and randomize how they are glued together?

    Goerlich gets down to this level of detail, that one could easily be curious about.
    The CDT approach is both relatively successful and remarkably simple, it doesn't have very many details, when you come right down to it. So a brief slide show can actually cover a lot of them.
    (there is also an older 2001 Loll preprint that treats the nittygritty in more detail, but Goerlich slides are condensed and may be sufficient.)
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