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Causes and effect

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    I have often noticed that the events I experience are those presently with the most attributable causes. Are we more likely to observe occurrences with many small motivations, or occurrences with one primary determinant?
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    I would say the one big cause. It takes time and deliberate reflection to tease out even some of the smaller causes, and to understnd all of them is perhaps beyond the ability of a single thinker (it would take a community, like science to have such a goal).
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    check out carl jung - synchronicity

    synchronicity is the concept that there is no such thing as simple cause and effect. rather SEVERAL causes and one effect. the concept that there are so many events going into one effect that testing all the things going into one coincidence cannot be empirically tested.
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    I must have had a repressed memory while listening to The Police! (One of a multitude of possibilities, I suppose.)
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