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Causes of the K/T Extinction

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    Both an asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico and an extensive volcanic event resulting in the formation of the Deccan Traps on the Indian subcontinent are thought to have caused the K/T extinction some 66 million years ago. The timing of both events are extremely close. It has also been suggested that another asteroid impact resulting in the "Shiva crater" might have triggered the volcanic eruptions. Is it possible that there might have been multiple asteroid impacts around the globe, and has iridium been found in the K/T boundary layers at the Deccan Traps?
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    Possible, but extremely unlikely. Asteroid impacts of that size just don't happen that often. Plus the Shiva crater isn't even recognized as an impact crater by most of the scientific community.
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    that guy and his colleagues seems to be the only ones hypothesizing the possibility

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