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Cave antenna

  1. Nov 17, 2009 #1
    I have started working on trying to design some better antennas for the cave radios in use for radiolocation and general caver communications. Most of the antennas I have seen are loop antennas operating at 65 or 130-ish kHz. I am open to all sorts of antennas.

    Of course no matter what antenna type I use, it will be electrically short. I know that, the limitation here is the frequency that will penetrate the cave ceiling (of which I am unsure of).

    Does frequency have any impact on radiolocation accuracy (assuming proper antennas and all that good stuff)?
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    hi! the cave antenna subject caught my attention, as i have also been trying to figure out a way for better communication while caving.

    im a caver and i know the 2way radios dont do very much underground.

    what are some of your ideas? i have considered buying another set of radios to play around with until i come up with a good way to increase radio frequency reception.

    of course, there is always increasing the range of the antennas themselves by lengthening the wire. but that isnt the best option.. to deal with a long wire while crawling through a cave

    if you would like i can pm you my skype or yahoo chat info and we can exchange ideas that way as well
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