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Cavitation in pumps

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    Cavitation in pumps is a major problem. How can I be sure to minimize the damage it does? Is it correct that the worse case is a pump that gets much less flow and resistance that it can handle? These are not very big pumps, none more than 10 l/s.
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    It's probably more prudent to ask how to prevent cavitation instead of how to limit the damage it causes. Essentially you should make sure the pressure at the inlet isn't too low.

    Cavitation occurs if the liquid cannot keep up with the pump.

    Hope that helps.

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    Essentially you have to ensure that the inlet of the pump is not falling below the liquid's vapor pressure. Once cavitation starts, there's nothing you can really do to mitigate its effects. Make sure your inlet piping losses are not too great and that you don't have to pull a large head due to elevation, i.e. draw from a tank that is low compared to the inlet of the pump.
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