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  1. Feb 10, 2008 #1
    What's about this? Where a capacitor is between base and collector (NPN). I have formulated some of my own theories (it seems like this is totally unknown of on the internet, and the books I've looked at dont explain it), but I have thought of flaws to all my theories. Can anyone please explain? Thankyou
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    I think I thought of it

    IS it just for feedback, acting as a really high freq filter?

    Sometimes you just have to ask to know
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    Your post tells us basically nothing. You'd need to show us a complete schematic for us to be able to tell you why the capacitor is there.

    - Warren
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    what is cc in vas?
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    In the voltage amplification stage of a three stage audio amp there is often a coupling capacitor connected to base and collector/ input and output. I think this is as a high pass filter so as to provide local negative feedback
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