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CCD responses increased by a couple of orders of magnitude

  1. Apr 15, 2013 #1
    So, last week I was working with a raman microscope, specifically using it in a photoluminescence experiment, and for about 20 minutes I was suddenly getting responses a couple of orders of magnitude higher than I did before or after.

    What's even stranger is that the guy on the desk across from me, using a similar machine for a different experiment, also had a sudden increase in response for a while (his actually went off the scale)

    Any ideas what it could have been? Would something like a power surge increase the response measured, but keep the responses relative to one another? (the shape of the graph was the same in these cases) I figure that the fact it was still relative probably rules out something like cosmic rays, though some of my other results may have been suffering due to them (In most of the results on this machine I'd seen, cosmic rays just show up as a very sharp peak, but in some of my results I got a sharp peak followed by a slow decline a few times, so I'm also unsure of what caused that...)

    Anyone got any experience with this kind of machine or response?
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