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CD copying protect

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    I have built my own CD and don't want it to be copied by the others..I need some way to protect it from copying,is there ensurance way to do that?!
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    stick a fales 'protection' file hidden on it so you can trace it, make it so that you are the only one that can remove it, then, bobs your uncle, youve done it
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    Copy-protection is a cat and mouse game. You can purchase some of the more elaborate and effective copy protection schemes from a number of companies (they are not cheap, however!).

    The truth is, though, that virtually every copy-protection scheme in existence has been broken. Such schemes may prevent a casual user from copying your disc, but they won't stop anyone who really knows what they're doing.

    - Warren
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    I once had someone tell me his program was written to the hardware and that it could never run from any other device or be copied.
    Very certain and insistant about this. :uhh:

    I gave him a version he could load on his hard drive by lunchtime. :rofl:
    I never did tell him how I did it either :devil:

    It really is much as Chroot says.
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