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CD/DVD burner fried?

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    CD/DVD burner fried??

    Hi all,

    My CD/DVD burner wont burn anymore. It still reads and plays discs no problem, however when using NERO or windows Media Player to try and burn a disc it gives errors before even starting.

    NERO error : 'focus or tracking error'

    I hardly use the burner. Question is whether this is a Hardware problem and I need a new player/burner or possibly a software problem as my computer has so much crap on it, including multiple player/burner programs?

    Thank you in advance.
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    It's a hardware issue.
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    As Morbid Steven mentioned, it is likely a hardware issue, although a corrupted driver or registry file could also cause a problem.

    One way to confirm a hardware problem is to uninstall it, remove the hardware, turn on the PC to make sure the hardware is uninstalled, turn off the PC, and reinstall the hardware and let Windows Plug n' Play reinstall it. If it still doesn't work, it is more than likely hardware and time to get a new CD/DVD RW/burner. Stochastically, some components will wear out well before their design lifetime or design half-life.
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    Have u tried a different batch of CD's?

    It sounds like a hardware error, it could also be a cd error rather than the CD burner itself, as u stated u dont use the burner much.. maybe u have only used 1 batch of cd's that were bad
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    This is very much incorrect.

    "focus or tracking error" refers to an issue with the laser. Use google to find more information.
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    :confused: :confused:

    That is a GENERIC error message, that is stating the laser cannot Focus or Track.. which could mean that it cannot find the start point on a CD to start Burning!!!

    Error messages are Generic typically.. Bar Cisco ones :tongue2:
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    I actually had a CD-ROM that fried. I smelled burning coming from the inside of my PC and when I tried to eject the tray, it wouldn't. It was about 3 years old at the time and I guess it worked to its limits. I had to buy a replacement (DVD burner).
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I have tried a few different cd disc types and different speeds (havent got any blank DVD's handy). No luck. I think I'll try smashing the unit with a hammer and see how that works out. It might effect its playback ability but on the whole I think it would benifit me.:devil:
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    Have you checked for "fluff" on the lense? This could also stop the laser from reading the disk correctly? After say that tho, i would think that you would not be able to play disks also if that was the case...
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    I would suggest adding a railroad spike for maximum healing.

    Or you could summon the old gods in a psuedo-nordic ritual to try and heal the laser. I'm sure Odin or Thor would have some knowledge of electronics.
  14. Oct 27, 2008 #13
    Re: CD/DVD burner fried??

    You require more good cd burner software and a cd/dvd driver testing software.
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