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CD player broken! repairable?

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    Anyone know anything about CD players? When I put a CD in mine it will read 'no disk' most of the time. On the odd occasion that it does recognise a CD it will play it as if it were very badly scratched, even if the CD looks perfect and plays fine on other players.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong with it or anything I could try to get it working again?

    If I can't get it working myself, does anyone know how much it might cost to get something like this repaired? I'm wondering if it is just worth buying a new one if repair would be too pricey.
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    Try to google up something about cleaning the lens.
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    Either the optical assembly is dirty, or is it misaligned. You can certainly clean it yourself, but the alignment may need to be done by a professional. It shouldn't take much more than a few minutes with the right tools.

    - Warren
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    Thanks! I'll have a go at cleaning & then see what someone will charge for a repair.
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