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.cda format

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    Can anyone tell me how to play this song which is in .cda format.
    i copied the song from the net and i burned it on a cd but its still not playing from the cd.
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    Try WinDVD or PowerDVD
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    doesnt work...!
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    I thought that .cda files were the raw files that would be copied off of a disk; not actually ripped. If that's the case, then your SOL.

    Check the size, if its smaller than it should be, then chances are its the copied file off of a disk.

    edit: I think I was right, see below
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    Yes the files are small like 12 kB when they should be about 3MB or so.
    any idea what am i supposed to do with a .cda file?
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    Select => Delete

    they're useless by themselves
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    sorry for hijacking the topic,
    I have a .cda files on my CD, and they work; but I want the songs to work on my MP3 player, so how do I get the actual MP3 songs?
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    how about .cda to mp3 converter?
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    Actually I didn`t think of it as these .cda files are only representations (as minger said); but I googled it and found programs to do it; thank you :)
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    You need the original CD, and you need to rip it.

    Again, you need the background information. Converting CD data to mp3 is called ripping; you need the CD.

    Think of .cda files as hyperlinks which link to the actual songs themselves. If all you have are those files, then you cannot convert it to a mp3.

    In order to convert, you need to rip (not copy) a CD. This can be done with any number of programs, the easiest and most common simply being Windows Media Player. Insert CD, click the Rip button, and click start.
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