CDNA to protein sequence?

  1. Has anyone here done this before? If so, kit recommendations and protocol? Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
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    What exactly do you want to do? Do you have a cDNA sequence and you want to figure out the protein sequence that it codes for?
  4. Yes exactly. Getting the cDNA is easy, I have experience with that for PCR, but instead of doing PCR, I was wondering how you can use your cDNA to get the protein sequence. My PI said it should be easily doable. I'm not sure how though.
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    Once you have the cDNA sequence, you just need to sequence it (send a sample of the cDNA along with the appropriate primers to a DNA sequencing facility/company). You can the just read the protein sequence from the sequence you get (for example, using an online translation tool such as

    Let me know if you want more detail on any of these steps.
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