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CDNs: help w/ Fido phone purchase

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    If hypothetically, I decided to get the Talk & Share Level I at $35:
    Is that a single monthly fee, or is that $35 per phone/person?
    This package has 150 weekday talk minutes. Is that per phone or in total?
    It apparently is possible to get a package without opting for the agreement. I did not know this.
    Essentially an agreement is simply a promise to stay with Fido for 24 months? Does it cost anything? (other than penalites for not honouring it).
    Does the discount on phones for having an agreement apply if I but two phones on the one account?

    What about accessories? I have 2 extra chargers (including a cigarette lighter charger) for my old Ericsson T-200, will I have to get new ones? Will this depend on which new phone I purchase? (eg. if I stick with an Ericsson, can I keep my chargers?)

    All calls on the "regular" network are no extra charge? i.e. it is considered a "local" call? eg. I can call Toronto to Windsor without incurring any additional charges?
    Are calls anywhere in Canada on the "regular" network considered "local" calls? eg. I can call Toronto to Calgary without incurring any additional charges?
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