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CECS (@ cal state long beach) or ECE (@ cal poly pomona) for A.I. in robotics?

  1. Nov 28, 2008 #1
    Hello, unfortunately due to me not qualifying for financial aid or grants my options for school are Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona. I am currently and undergraduate attending Cal Poly Pomona.

    Well, my career plans is to get into the field of Artificial Intelligence of/in Robotics, robots, and computer systems.

    I do not know what major to choose, either computer engineering or computer science. I am mostly going for Computer Engineering but the schools have differences in their CE programs;

    The computer engineering program offered at Cal Poly Pomona is on the ECE department so the courses consists of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The ECE department offers a Robotic Electronics I course which is descripted as "Introduction to robotics. Kinematics, position analysis, Denavit-Hartenberg representation, differential motion, dynamic analysis and control. Trajectory planning, actuators, sensors and low-level robotic vision. Artificial intelligence". It says artificial intelligence but in order for me to have more knowledge from cal poly pomona on artificial intelligence i would have to get a minor in Computer Science or complete a CS sequence. the description of the A.I. course is "Overview of the different application areas of Al. Introduction to basic Al concepts and techniques such as heuristic search, knowledge representation, automated reasoning. In-depth discussion of several Al application areas: their specific problems, tools and techniques. Consideration of ethical and social dilemmas posed by Al. 4 lectures/problem-solving." The CS department also offers a robotic class: CS499: Robotics which is described as "This course introduces software issues involved in the development of intelligent robotics, including software control architectures, localization, navigation, sensing, and planning.", which seems more to what im looking for.

    The computer engineering program at Cal State Long Beach is with the CECS department, meaning the courses consit of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The CECS department does offer a Artificial Intelligence class as part of the Computer Engineering program. The A.I. Course description is "Introduction to the history and implementation of artificial intelligence agents. Topics include search, constraint satisfaction, game-playing, logical agents, belief networks, optimal sequential decision systems. Project implementation." I do not think or i have not found a class on robotics on Cal State Long Beach. but i did found a CECS course on Hardware/Software Co-design which the description is "Introduction to top-down methods for hardware/software system-on-chip co-design. Design flow – system specification, software implementation, hardware synthesis, system design, and verification. Process optimization with various design decisions emphasized. Projects/case studies using system-level design methods and tools."

    It looks like Cal Poly Pomona would be better because it offers Robotics Classes in both Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering and an Artificial Intelligence course in Computer Science. I can get to the Robotics and A.I. courses on CS following a CS sequence or the CS minor. And i think it would look better in job applications because of the Computer Engineering Bachelors out of a program which consists of Electrical engineering as well and with a minor of Computer Science. but it will be more work than at cal state long beach.

    So far i know Cal Poly Pomona integrates ( or integrated, i'm not sure if it still available) the Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) deep space exploration rover technology research into engineering and computer science. Cal Poly Pomona also has a robotics clubs.

    So yes, i am confused on which college to choose between CPP or CSULB. Any insights, tips, advice, and help towards my decision is greatly appreciated, Thank you!
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