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Ceiling fan blade design

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    For the final year project that i am doing, I need to design a high efficiency ceiling fan blade with airfoil section, tapered and also twisting. Can anyone tell me how can i obtain the optimum pitch angle for different section of my ceiling fan blade?
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    I doubt that an "airfoil section" will make much difference over a flat angled blade in a ceiling fan situation. Most use very broad "paddles" as opposed to "propellors" such as an aeroplane would have. They just don't spin fast enough to use a narrow blade. It's hard to impart an airfoil shape to a fat one. I might be missing something here, though, so wait for a response from someone else.
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    no one is replying me...zzzzzz.. tis article have show that the airfoil section for ceiling fan blade is practical

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    I stand corrected, and am actually quite impressed by those figures. In my defence, I didn't realize that the blades started with a 6.5" chord and then tapered down. I was envisioning about half of that.
    Hang in there; somebody is eventually going to show up.
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