Celebrity Sexy Teeth

You may have seen the ad for 'Celebrity Sexy Teeth'. Its been on Yahoo, ABCnews.com and many other websites. It seems to be a pretty organized scam with supposedly independent review sites that are actually their own. Here is one of those: http://www.best-teeth-whitening.com/ [Broken] This one seems pretty obvious considering it gives celebrity 5 stars and 4 Crest products 2 stars and 3 no stars and has links to celebrity. Real review sites seem to give Celebrity a universal thumbs down but there always seems to be a post by someone saying how great it is with all maxed out ratings. Suspiciously like an owner posting trying to raise the average star rating. Here is one of those http://www.teethwhiteningreviews.com/item.php?id=23

And here is the product website https://www.celebritysexyteeth.com/defaults.php

This seems like a blatant scam to me, Google it, yet all the websites that I have seen months ago carrying this ad still are.

Part of the problem in my opinion is that you can't actually complain to most websites about what they are doing. You can contact the website with a complaint but the owners of the websites never see these complaints because they go to the webmaster and the webmasters don't seem to care, all they want to do is make it look to the owners like they are doing a good job which means accepting every advertising dollar they are offered without checking to see if they are dealing with reputable people. Complaining to a website by email is like complaining to the fox about chickens missing from the coop.

And after posting this I notice some ads by Google right here above the post that look like it's this product. hmmmm

Scammers should be locked up for life, they ALL just move on to a new scam asap
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are you complaining about unscrupulous marketing, or a product that doesn't work?
are you complaining about unscrupulous marketing, or a product that doesn't work?
The part in red is about a product, the part in green is about unscrupulous marketing of the product, hope that is clearer now.
that's great, but how do i know that teethwhitening reviews isn't the same kind of site as best-teeth-whitening
Buy the product and tell us how it works. I'll stick with Crest and no I don't own the company.
Buy the product and tell us how it works. I'll stick with Crest and no I don't own the company.
that still doesn't answer my question about whether teethwhiteningreviews is a "real" review site.

maybe a better question is why does one shill site invoke your ire, while another shill site inspires confidence? better use of psychology, for sure, but what's the key difference here?
lol Have the courage of your beliefs and buy the product then. I have the courage of mine and aren't buying it.
i'm not buying either one.
I honestly think that the best way to make any conclusions, is to test out the products yourself and to see if it works.

I've actualy gone ahead and did this myself and have been documenting my results in my personal site. So far, it is working and can see my teeth getting whiter by the day, and this is coming from someone who was sceptical :)

Be sure to have a look at my site when you get the time to see what i mean.

My link is:
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