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Cell Adhesion and Detachment

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    Hello all,

    I am reading some primary literature in which they talk about cell adhesion and cell detachment. They describe different assays for each. My question is, how are these two different? It seems that high detachment is the same as low adhesion, but according to the article, for a particular cell that is the product of RNAi on the parent, adhesion is the same as the parental cell, but detachment is much higher. I am confused about this, and I cannot find a simple answer anywhere. Can anyone help me out with a clarification?

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    No one can help me out here?
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    As far as I remember, detachment and adhesion are mediated by different factors/causes but some of these are common in both process. Have you tried to look for the factors/cause that initiate and mediate adhesion and detachment?
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    Well, yes. In this particular experiment, the expression of a particular protein affected the detachment properties of the cell expressing it. It did not affect the adhesion however.

    I really am looking for the difference between the two, nothing with the factors that cause it. I just don't get why there are different assays for detachment and adhesion. I mean if there is a lot of detachment, doesn't that just mean that there was poor adhesion? I'm trying to find out how these are different properties that need to be looked at separately.
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    Can you give us the reference so we can take a look at what is driving your question?
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