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Homework Help: Cell Biology

  1. Sep 17, 2007 #1
    I can't find the answer on the net..if anyone taken cell bio. Can you guys help me out :)

    1. how does the structure of fucus differ from the green algae?
    2. how is a holdfast different from a plant root?
    3. consifering where fucus lives, what do you think is the function of its air bladders?
    4. why would a species evolve to be bioluminescent?
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    Have you tried looking in your textbook for the answers to 1 and 2? I would think you'd have whole paragraphs describing each, and your job is to compare and contrast.

    For question three, that's more of a thinking question...you're not supposed to look up the answer, but deduce it from your knowledge of where it lives. Where does it live? Start there.

    For the fourth question, again, think about where bioluminescent organisms primarily live, then consider how bioluminescence might help. (Then again, if that's the actual wording of the question, I would take issue with your instructor for it, since it presumes evolution is directed toward a purpose, which is NOT what happens. You could be obnoxious and answer that species do not evolve TO BE bioluminescent, it just happens and then sticks around because it's either advantagious or at least not disadvantageous, but that's not what your instructor is really looking for in an answer.)
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