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Cell broadcast (HOW FEASIBLE)

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    I would want to implement cell broadcast for updating people with issues on the ground on a university campus.My problem is I want to know what percentage of phones support it now and how feasible it could be, the economics of it. I am familiar with the theory .Thank you
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    I'd be surprised if current systems were any more complicated than just sending a mass email/text message to peopele's phones.
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    Digital billboard

    What I know is that cell broadcasts are like text messages which appear on the screen of the phone.Usually just below where you find the name of the service provider.So far I have seen several networks display district location and discount on the phone screen .I want to know just about anything about it .I have an old Sumsung sgh-r220 even that accepts cell broadcast.
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    I know it's been a while, but this http://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/docs/advisory/cmsaac/pdf/CellCastComment070307.pdf" [Broken] from 2007 says that "Cell broadcast is already resident in most network infrastructure and in most phones, so there is no need to build any towers, lay any cable, write any software, or replace terminals".
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