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Cell division and chromosome errors

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    What changes would have to be made to a cell
    so that when it divides the genes in the daughter cells
    are exactly the same,in the same order and number on the chromosomes,
    as they were in the parent cell?
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    What are you implying that happens otherwise during mitosis?

    The daughter cells are always the same, only during meiosis do you get about 40 cross-overs, that occur due that the fact that homologous chromosomes are alligned next to eachother.

    I don't think that any rearranging takes place during mitosis, only in cells that have double strand breaks will you start seeing chromosomal translocations.
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    Strands are more likely to break where there is a long CG sequence e.g.
    CG CG CG CG CG CG CG.Why is this?
    Also when crossovers occur are enzymes needed to mediate exchange of
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