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Cell division?

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    Just seen an interesting documentary about the breakthrough in Cancer treatments. The programme gives a brief discription on cell division and how doctors think the way forward for treatment is changing due to the Understanding of Genetic (genome) discovery. Anyway I was fascinated by the film showing Cancer Cell division/multiplication, and how the cells get their information to replicate?

    It seems quite amazing that for cells in early human formation just after conception, the process is almost identical, cells divide and multiply? Now it seems the same process that brings forth life/birth in our growing mothers womb, is also responsible for a lot of deaths, due to the same genetic instructions?

    Cancer victims "Grow" towards an early death by the same process that gave them life. Ironic and sad for some that there is a Time for birth and a Time to die, by the same natural process.

    I do think that there is major breakthroughs coming that will relieve a lot of sufferers, and my early sceptic views on the Genome project has been totally reversed having seen some early progress for cancer patients, as a direct result form knowledge gained by Genome project.
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    I saw a Nova special awhile back on endostatin. The research that was behind it was amazing, as was the initial results, but I haven't heard anything more on it. A friend of mine at Purdue is doing some interesting virus work with cancer as well.
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    What is the breakthrough you speak. We have known for years that cancer was due to uncontrollable cell division.

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    I have to re-watch the video recording I made of this programme as I do not know the exact name of the top of my head, rest assured I will be back with another overview as the interest on a molecular basis is really thought provoking. The dynamics of the process is my main interest as it involves a definate correlation with the process namely, TIME.

    P.S the information of cell division is known as you state, but the breakthrough involve's the introduction of TIME-BLOCKING instructions, as I state the cells are uniquelly tuned into the concept of time signatures?
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    I see, keep us posted.

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